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🤯 Interview With Designer At Google 🔎

Zheano Letter
Zheano Letter
In the new episode of The Pulldown I’ve interviewed Liam, a designer at Google. We talked about Material You, Android 12, Pixel 6, and the future of design.
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Interview With Designer At Google – Liam Spradlin - Zheano Blog
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🙌 Guest Post By Testing Catalog
It was such a pleasure to have Alexey from Testing Catalog to guest post on Zheano Blog. I also posted something on his blog. Check it out.
Bug Fixes And Performance Improvements - Zheano Blog
How can beta testing help develop new privacy features?
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🤭 I Got Interviewed
Thank you Vyshnav Gangadharan for asking some great questions!
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Content I Liked 👍
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