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🙌 New Podcast, Wallpapers and My Tech Tools

Zheano Letter
Zheano Letter
Wow, we really have some great content in this issue of Zheano Letter. First I would love to thank you for subscribing to Zheano Letter. I decided I want to take my newsletter more seriously, this is a good thing for you!
🎧 New Podcast, The Pulldown
Zheano Blog is now hosting a new podcast called The Pulldown. The Pulldown is a tech podcast exploring our relationship with technology. In a sense, this is a more personal project to improve my personal life and create boundaries with technology. Together we can appreciate and use technology more responsibly to live a more meaningful life.
ps. if you use Apple Podcast, please rate the podcast - it helps 💙
🌅 New Wallpapers From Andrei
Andrei posted his new summer wallpapers. Here’s what he said about these wallpapers:
“These were shot during my vacation to the seaside. I’ve used my iPhone 11 and I quite like the results. The wallpapers are colorful and pastel, warm and cold and everything in-between. There are quite a few for you to enjoy.” - Andrei
🐟 Get Premium wallpaper called Deep Sea. Deep Sea Wallpaper features simple colors to make your home-screen setup perfect.
🛠 Tech Tools I Use
This week I also wrote about my top 5 tech tools I use daily. I quite enjoyed writing this post, so more content like this is coming soon. Since you’re subscribed to Zheano Letter, you won’t miss it out! 💙
In the post I mention some cool programs and applications to help you with your online and offline life. Check it out, you find something useful.
❓ Do you have your favorite tech tool? Let me know!
📱Community Setups
Since I want to improve Zheano Letter I decided I want to show some awesome setups from the community. If you want to submit your setup for the next Zheano Letter, make sure to follow @ZheanoBlog on Twitter.

Posts From Zheano Blog 🎉
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Content I Liked 👍
Opinion | 'Lying Flat': Tired Workers Are Opting Out of Careers and Capitalism - The New York Times
Sundar Pichai
So excited to share our new custom Google Tensor chip, which has been 4 yrs in the making (📎 for scale)! Tensor builds off of our 2 decades of computing experience and it’s our biggest innovation in Pixel to date. Will be on Pixel 6 + Pixel 6 Pro in fall.
Genius checklist -
4-Day Workweeks Can Boost Happiness and Productivity - The Atlantic
That’s it! I absolutely loved writing this newsletter. More coming soon! Thank you so much for your support. 💙 Follow me on Twitter @Zheano for more awesome content.
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